The Process




The Process


The process is relatively easy. We do most of the work and will continue to update our database of companies. Follow the four steps outlined below and that is it. Plan to spend about 10 to 15 minutes in front of your computer and about 15 minutes printing and mailing the letters after you received them. 30 minutes to protect your privacy.

Choose the package that best fits you situation. If you are California Constitutional Officer, a Mayor of a California City, a member of CA Legislature, a member of a City Council or a member of a California County Board of Supervisors a threat must have been made. Use the appropriate package for this scenario. Also decide if you and your family (Maximum of 5 family members per package) needs the protection and select the appropriate family package.  For a detailed description of the California Government Code sections click here

Complete the questionnaire for yourself and your family if selecting a family package. Note, you may be held liable for incomplete or false information.

Submit your completed questionnaires and select a payment option.

We double check the information and make sure the letters are accurate and that the information is correct before submitting them back to you. Within 2 business days you will receive your letters, label sheet and California Code sheet, print them out, sign and mail the letters.






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